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Alp machine; It took his first step into business life in 1986. He first started the industry under the name of engineering. Our company, which aims to develop and grow continuously; In 1994, it established its new and modern factory in a 2000 m² closed area in Akşehir Industrial Site and equipped it with machinery and equipment. Thus, heating boiler production started.

In the meantime, it has earned the appreciation of all its customers by investing in other business lines. As Alp Makina Elevator systems in 2015; elevator cabin manufacturing has started. Subsequently; With the architectural and construction activities added to its structure, it entered the construction sector with the name of Alp Yapı. Our company has TSE certificate in all its products produced within its structure and our company has TS-EN ISO 9001: 2008 quality assurance system.

It is very important whether elevators, which are indispensable for daily life and developing architecture, are safe. It should not be forgotten that elevators that can harm human life, that are not secured and have not been checked for necessary should not be used.

Glass models that add spaciousness and
peace to closed areas.

Product options that add
height to the elevator

Designs that bring aesthetics and
elegance to your elevator ceilings.

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